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Let Us Plan Your Special Needs' Trip!

Do you want to see the Ozarks? Bury your toes in the sand on a Caribbean beach? Or sail away on the Atlantic Ocean? Whatever your dream vacation is, the agents at The Travel Business, Inc. can make it a reality.

No matter what special accommodations you may need, consider it done!

We know it can be difficult to maneuver around places when you have mobility issues or handicaps, but we want you to know that it should never stop you from seeing all the places in the world that you want to experience. We are here to help you plan your get-away to any destination, and we will take care of the planning to ensure you have the perfect vacation.

The specialty travel arrangers at The Travel Business, Inc. are here to assist in making all the necessary arrangements to make your trip the most relaxing or adventurous it can be!

Welcome to The Travel Business Inc. Specialty Travel Site!

We have specialty agents who can help you customize a trip no matter what your needs are. We have planned group trips, or we can customize your own special needs' vacation. We specialize in gay/lesbian travel, and we also can assist singles in seeing the world, whether they want to party it up with a group or relax on their own at a beautiful beach resort or even an Aspen ski adventure. We can help you see the pulling out all the stops!

Don't a specialty travel agent at The Travel Business, Inc. today!


We want to see you Out and About All Over The World!

The specialty travel agents at The Travel Business, Inc. offer many options for gay/lesbian travelers.

We can send you anywhere in the world for pride festivals, all-inclusive resorts, or even on an ultra-romantic destination wedding or honeymoon!

We understand that everyone loves to travel and needs to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Many resorts in the USA, Canada, the Caribbean, and all over the world are open and welcoming to all lifestyles.

We have the resources and all you need to do is call us to start planning your getaway today!

Calling all Singles!

Why book your singles' vacation through The Travel Business, Inc?

Because we take care of everything for you!

· Knowledge of agent specializing in singles' travel
· Personalized service
· Customized trip planning
· Several options for different places such as:

  • Costa Rica
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Africa
  • Greece
  • Mexico
  • Cruises
    ...and many more!

· Ability to add on optional excursions
· Plus many other bonuses customized for your special trip!